Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Hockenheimring 2012 [Release]

  • 2012 Billboards
  • A lot of new and tweaked textures
  • 2012 Run off areas
  • delphi for the original Conversion from GTL
  • MarceL for the first huge 2010 Update
Don't expect that this gonna be best track in rFactor. I did not spent much time on it, because the rFactor 1 community is shrinking. I'm starting with huge updates again, when either GTR3 or Assetto Cora comes out. I don't think I will do anything for rFactor 2, because of the stupid packaging system.
Copy the "GameData" Folder to your rFactor Directory. If you want to go sure, that everything works perfectly, delete all previous Hockenheimring versions.

Download Main Version: mediafire
Download Patch/Update: mediafire (Added Germany Flag in T16, Removed some Grand Stands, Added Billboard Bridge at the beginning of Parabolica, Removed some Cone Posts in T1, Removed Drag Strip lines on track)

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