Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

2011 RevMeter for DynHud [Release]

- for video/image sources
- Marvin and CTDP for rFDynHud
- iaquinta for writing ReadMe File

1. Extract the "2011Rev_0.8.rar" to you desktop or any other place.
2. Make sure you have Java and the rFDynHud installed.
3. Copy the rfDynHUD folder to "rFactor/Plugins".
4. Then choose the folder matching your ingame resolution from the "Resolutions" folder and copy the config file in it to "rFactor/Plugins/rFDynHud/config".
5. Play :)


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  1. Sehr nice, habs vorhin endlich geschafftt mal ne Runde zu drehen. Haste sauber gemacht. .:thumbup: